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Another Castration

Posted by :Bollywood Sargam Joker Laughs :316

A man went to his doctor and said, "I want to be castrated.""What?" said the doctor, "surely you don't want that.""Yes," said the man, "that's what I want; I insist."So, the doctor told him to check into the hospital. When he did he was stripped, laid on a cart, wheeled into the operating room, anaesthetized, and CHWOP! off they came. The next day, he woke up in a double room and, wanting to be socialable, asked the man in the next bed what he was in for."Oh, I was circumsized," the man said."Son of a bitch! That's the word I was looking for!"

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All of a sudden, the wife smacks her husband...

Posted by :Bollywood Sargam Joker Laughs :337

All of a sudden, the wife smacks her husband. The husband was totally dumfounded and asks, "What was that for?" Wife said, "Because, you are a bad fuck". Couple of minutes later, the husband smacks his wife. This time, the wife was confused and asked, "And may I ask what's that about?" Husband said, " Simple, because you know the difference.

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Sex drive is too high.

Posted by :Bollywood Sargam Joker Laughs :378

A feeble old man is in his doctor's office having a check-up. The doctor finishes the check-up says to the man, "So, you seem in fine health. Any problems?""Yes, Doc," the old man slowly responded. "My sex drive is too high and I need it lowered."This took the doctor quite by surprise. "You're 84 years old, and you're in fine health for a man of your age, and I know men half your age who would kill for a problem like that. So, why are you complaining?"Well," the old man said, "I see all these sexy nurses at the home, and when I go for a walk, I see all these cute honeys all around, so that's why I'm here, Doc. I want my sex drive lowered."Still confused, the doctor said, "I would think that at your age, you wouldn't complain about a high sex drive.""Doc," the old man said, "You don't understand. I need my sex drive lowered from here," pointing to his head, "to here," pointing to between his legs.

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